Award winning artist, Sara Drescher, combines abstract elements with portraiture to create a narrative that invokes a connection with something greater than ourselves.


The newest evolution in Sara’s artwork explores the range of imagery and texture that combining organic abstracts with drawings can create.  Themes of the heavenly and the mundane run through each piece and series.  Sara looks at ancient things through a modern lens and combines realism with expressionism to challenge her audience's preconceived ideas. 

Although the artist provides her interpretation of each piece, you are encouraged to find your own story within the imagery.



Please note that Sara is no longer teaching in Midland, TX


Seeds and Light Project

A series of work Sara has created to raise funds and awareness for children in need locally and around the world.

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To commission a painting from Sara, please start by pricing her current work for sale here. A custom piece of art will be priced based on the size and an additional 15-20% will be added to cover the time and effort of creating a piece of art just for you. Sara will be happy to create a custom piece of art in her style to fit your size, color, and/or thematic needs. Please contact Sara to start the consultation process.

Add an original study to your collection or give as a gift!

Add an original study to your collection or give as a gift!

Affordable original art for gifts or small spaces. These small original studies range in price from $40-150