*Award Winner*

“Trust” is a continuation of a theme from the painting, “Procession.”  To me, “Procession” is talking about our early walk with God and working our things from our past and receiving our worth from God’s love.

"Trust" watercolor ©Sara Drescher-private collection

"Trust" watercolor ©Sara Drescher-private collection

This piece represents the next stage in our walk with God: one of honing our faith, learning to trust God with everything and standing firm in our beliefs.  The rooster is a symbol of faith by symbolizing Peter’s fall from grace and subsequent strengthening of faith.  We must be faithful through the fires.  Fire purifies and tests.  We are not alone; we do not have to go through our trials by our own strength.  Jesus sticks closer than a brother.  Not only is our faith (symbolized by the Saluki dog) important but also trusting in the Rock, the faithfulness of Christ.  Through all He suffered, He never wavered.  He was strong for us and His strength is here for us now.  His spirit washes us clean and bolsters us in hard times.  Put on the full armor of God and stand ready.

This piece is part of a private collection