Path of Redemption

“Path of Redemption” is a portrait of John Mark, author of the gospel of “Mark.”  He was the cousin of Barnabas and traveled with him and Paul on their first missionary journey.  He deserted them at Perga (Acts 13:13) and this became a sore point between Paul and Barnabas later.  Barnabas wanted to give him another chance and take him with them on the second journey.  Paul refused and they parted company. (Acts 15:36-40)

"Path of Redemption" mixed media 24x18 ©Sara Drescher

"Path of Redemption" mixed media 24x18 ©Sara Drescher

This could have been the end of the relationship of Paul and John Mark.  However, towards the end ofPaul’s life, he requests John Mark’s presence. “Get Mark and bring him with you as he is helpful in my ministry.”(2 Timothy 4:11)

John Mark is credited with writing the Gospel of Mark.  He had spent a lot of time helping Peter with his ministry, and the Gospel of Mark is believed to be based on Peter’s testimony and preaching.

John Mark’s story is a story of coming back from the disappointment of others, and yourself, in your actions.  He could have faded into history, but he chose to humble himself, move forward, and be a help to the ministry.

Surrounding his head are stars and a galaxy representing the heavenly, spiritual things that were always on his mind.  They are ‘dripping’ with the anointing of the Spirit.  In his ‘body’ there is a sunrise which represents the hope and redemption of a new day.

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