Past Present Future

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In “Past Present Future,” there are symbols for the three parts of our journey in life: past, present, and future. 

 "Past Present Future" watercolor ©Sara Drescher

"Past Present Future" watercolor ©Sara Drescher

The pink unicorn represents our childhood, or our past.  The woman holds it gently in her lap as our past greatly influences our whole lives.  The kraken devouring the ship in the background symbolizes the struggles and trials of the present circumstances.  Not to say that the present is always awful, but there is usually something going on in the background of our lives at the very least.  The ocean in the background attests to this point.  Just as the ocean can be calm and serene one minute and harsh and stormy the next.  The woman’s jewelry gives a clue about the future.  In her necklace there is a butterfly and a skull.  The butterfly symbolizes hope and resurrection, something better coming in the future and something after this life.  The skull is a reminder of our mortality.  Death is coming for everyone, so we must live our present life with purpose and joy and not let our past hamper our journey.