Letters From Patmos

“Letters from Patmos” is a portrait of John, author of the “Gospel of John,” “1-3 John,”  and “Revelation.” He was exiled to the island of Patmos because of his faith towards the end of his life.  It was here that he receive the apocalyptic message that became the “Book of Revelation.”

"Letters from Patmos" mixed media 24x18 ©Sara Drescher

"Letters from Patmos" mixed media 24x18 ©Sara Drescher

Surrounding his head are golden rays representing the divine revelation.  His beard is full of stars and a galaxy representing the heavenly, spiritual things that were always on his mind.  They are ‘dripping’ with the anointing of the Spirit.  In his ‘body’ there is a sunrise which represents the hope and redemption of a new day, maybe his view from the island.  His body is of the earth but is also a vessel to minister the spiritual things of God.

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